Thanks to everyone who helped with the summer outreach program!


Here’s the list that I have…if I’ve forgotten anyone, the fault is mine and I apologize. Your involvement was much appreciated!

1. Shon Koren
2. Paul Brookes
3. Ben Wucher
4. Chutikarn Chaimayo
5. Funmilayo Ogunbufunmi
6. Yunki Im
7. Kwame Bell
8. Ashley Lopez Chavez
9. Makaia Papasergi
10. Stephen Paquette
11. Prachi Prasad
12. Phuong Quang
13. Lisa Prince
14. Teresa Sherman
15. Owen Smith
16. Stephanie Viteri
17. Sarah Wayson
18. Rachel Walker
19. Yves T. Wang

Also, of course, thanks to Laura Yunes-Medina for coordinating everything and a special thanks to NYS Forester Garrett Koplun from the Department of Environmental Sciences for heading a nature walk at our last session.

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